Thursday, September 27, 2007

Three Matters, if You Would

1. Cllr. Tony Sharp, of Waendel Journal, is applying to rejoin Blogpower and I don't think the 12th highest Conservative blogger on the Dale List needs any introduction. Any problems, anyone?

I am personally delighted that we're attracting this calibre of blogger and I don't give a toss about his politics - seriously. We have Justin in our sights too right now [but don't tell anyone].

2. Please, we really urge you, don't leave it too late to send your Blog Roundup nomination urls to:

blogpowerroundup AT googlemail DOT com

Having said that, I'm planning to send a raft of them to Ian on Sunday morning.

3. Members - please join the Mailing List now and Ian Grey is poised, ready to help you out in getting you in.


Tony said...

It is good to be back!

Matt Wardman said...

This man, he say yes.

Grendel said...



Daily Referendum said...

Yes it is,

Hello and welcome Tony.