Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Political Blogging Guide 2007 - Other Sections

In these Blogpower members are a bit thinner on the ground, which is a statement of sorts but here's what I could find - Blogpowerers or ex-BPers are coloured maroon and in bold, as usual:

Guide to Blogging 2007 Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs

Big formatting problems on Iain's site with these:

4-2BobPiper12--ChickenYoghurt [ex-BP and I hope future]17-9MarsHill19Ministry of Truth 24-14Tygerland29-19General Theory of Rubbish[whose testimonial I carry in my "About"]30 Stumbling&Mumbling48-12Normblog98SomeDayIWillTreatYouGood

Guide to Blogging 2007 Top 100 Liberal Democrat Blogs

12 NEW Norfolk Blogger

Guide to Blogging Top 30 Media Blogs

4 Paul Linford 7 Melanie Phillips 8 18 Doughty Street 10 Oliver Kamm 12 Stephen Pollard 17 Bryan Appleyard 22 Clive Davis

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Twenty Scottish Blogs

7. Freedom and Whisky (CON) 8. 1820: Rise Like Lions (SNP) 9. J Arthur MacNumpty (NON) 12. Havering On (NON)

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Twenty Welsh Blogs

Today we have the TOP TEN WELSH BLOGS, chosen by Sandeff Rhyferys, who writes the Ordovicius Blog. So Ordo selected it but where is he himself?

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Ten Newcomers

3. Matt Wardman (Tech) 5. Grendel (Con)

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Ten Underrated Blogs

4. Waendel Journal (Conservative) [I count him as one] 5. Little Man in a Toque (Right wing) 8. Tygerland (Labour)

Blogging Guide 2007: Top 10 Medical Blogs

1. NHS Blog Doctor 2. The Psychiatrist Blog 3) Dr Grumble

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Ten Religious Blogs

1. Archbishop Cranmer

Well done to all those who made these lists and to the BPers who graced them as well. Have I left any out?

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Anonymous said...

chosen by Sandeff Rhyferys,

It's Sanddef.