Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Political Blogging Guide 2007 - Non-Aligned

Here is the Blogpower representation in the Non-Aligned list. Remember the other lists are still to come:

1 Political Betting 2 NHS Blog Doctor 3 Slugger O'Toole 4 Pickled Politics 5 Craig Murray 6 Rachel From North London 7 Our Kingdom 8 Spyblog 9 As a Dodo 10 Westminster Wisdom 11 Blair Watch 12 Little Man in a Toque 13 Policeman's Blog 14 Rolled Up Trousers 15 Bishop Hill 16 Campaign for an English Parliament
17 UK Polling Report 18 The Green Ribbon 19 Chase me Ladies 20 The Sharpener 21 Barry Beelzebub 22 Pub Philosopher 23 Not Saussure 24 England Project 25 Nosemonkey Europhobia 26 Miserable Old Fart 27 Dr Rant 28 Waking Hereward 29 S J Howard 30 Open Europe

Congratulations to all of these and to Iain Dale for the hard work. Thanks to Matt for the tip off.


Gracchi said...

Cheers James.

Btw you've linked and mentioned the centre right list- its the non-aligned list! But thanks for the mention!

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Oops - now amended and well done!

The As A Dodo Team said...

Thanks James. We're honoured (and somewhat amazed) to be on the list. Thanks to all who voted for us.

Anonymous said...

How does pub philosopher get to be non-aligned and centre right? I don't mind - I just wondered?

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Don't come over all extinct, boys.

Mutley, prepare yourself for a shock. Pub Philosopher is a man and you're a dog. That's the reason.

Steve said...

Mutley - I wondered that too.

I suppose you can still be centre-right (debatable in my case)without being aligned to any political party (which I most definitely am not).