Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let's Get Technical Here

Comment from one of our newer members, Sackerson, of Bearwatch on my site:
I tried to email Blogpower but I'm so untechno that it seems even that didn't work.

What I wanted to say was that some techno-whiz at Blogpower might be able to create a donwloadable sidebar widget to trawl for recent BP posts (say anything in the last 48 hours) and display the titles in a reel, similar to the Newsreel feature. Then we could click on anything we hadn't read - ideally, the post would appear in a new window, so you don't have to lose your own page and remake it (which takes a minute or two in my case).

This might help with the problem that BP members commented on recently, that even BP members don't read much of each others' stuff. I expect it would also attract more visits from the blogosphere generally. especially if the widget itself were made available to everyone, not just BP members.

Could you please forward this idea to the relevant underappreciated genius?
So, Matt Wardman, Ian Appleby, Shades, Thunderdragon, Two Wolves or Tom Paine - anything we can do? Any other genii out there?

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