Monday, September 24, 2007

Join our mailing list, please

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We urgently need to streamline our procedures.

It's generally worked out that on any major issue, the admins talk it out [usually the two Ians, Tom and I and often Colin and Welshcakes] or else someone in the membership brings the issue up and it goes to vote.

The admins have just been talking about all this and have come up with two firm policies for your perusal:

1. Whilst initial application for membership comes through this HQ page [coming from the outside] and comments show very quickly if most agree and the person is fast-tracked to membership, nevertheless, if any member objects to a newcomer or returnee, then the discussion immediately shifts to our Mailing List. [See the sidebar].

There is then no need for a separate secret vote through me any more - we simply put a reasonable time limit on the discussion then tot up the comments yea and nay and there it is for all members to see.

The down side is twofold:

a] that some members don't like their vote to be known outside of the admins and I'm not sure how to resolve that one. Perhaps if these people still send votes by e-mail, this can be verified by another admin in order to be counted;

b] what if the discussion was about one of the members who has access to the list [this latter will have to be resolved later]?

The implication of shifting all major issues onto the mailing list [mooted by many members some time ago] is that people still not on the list, whilst not being compelled to join it, must realize that decisions are only being made there on difficult topics and matters of future policy.

I know this is a shift on my part but I must concede my fellow admins are right on this and it seems the only way to go.

It is not a technical matter to join - it's as simple as joining anything on the net these days and we're all here to help you. But you'll need to do it soon to have a say. [See the sidebar].

2. The second policy is that a two thirds majority of votes cast inside the Mailing List [clearly understandable comments count as votes] and within a clearly stated and reasonable time frame, will constitute passing of any resolution. Again - two thirds of votes cast, not two thirds of total membership.

The thing is, we have a bad record of getting members to vote on anything and have to accept that it will always be an active fifteen or so who will vote. The admins feel that two thirds of these is fair and that members who don't choose to vote - it's their choice.

Therefore: we urge you to go to the sidebar and join the Blogpower Mailing List now or sometime this week. Ian Grey will take care of the process, being our admin in charge of the list.

Admins: I've tried to get resolution on this matter and at one stage proposed an expanded admin list. Some members suggested Senior Admins and New Admins or Long Term Members and Newer Members. We should discuss this - but inside the Mailing List please, not here.


Matt Wardman said...

On getting people onto the list.

On Yahoo list owners or admins can issue email invitations with a covering note - that can make it easier.

Lord Higham- Murray said...

That's good news. I'm sure Ian knows how to do this. I hope.

Shades said...

I can, provided I know their email!

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Ian, I tried to e-mail you. Can you write to Welsh and help her get into the mailing list? We need her admin skills now.

Shades said...

Welshcakes is on the list, has been since mid July.

Gracchi said...

This sounds like a good idea. The Mailing list will helpfully help us.

I'd also point out another advantage. We've recently discussed both Phishez's membership and YDKM, in both cases we had to examine a lot of stuff and lots of allegations were made. I think its probably fairer if those allegations are made in private rather than for the whole web to see. Especially if there were incorrect allegations that seems fairer to me.