Monday, July 16, 2007

So, members, any problem with these?

Lord Keeper of the Rolls - Ian Appleby

Lord Keeper of the Lists - Ian Grey

Lord Keeper of the Profiles - Tom Paine

Birthdays Plenipotentiary - Mutley the Dog

Weekly Profiles Comptroller - Pommygranate

Admins-without-Portfolio - Colin Campbell, Welshcakes Limoncello, Liz Hinds

Admin-in-Waiting - Matt Murrell and whoever else you'd like to suggest.

Grand Poobah - James Higham

July 17th: There've been blogroll changes, members.


Bel said...

"And how about Two Wolves and Sally-in-Norfolk into the Full Roll? Any objections?"

None whatsoever from me. They are more than welcome.

Shades said...

I'll leave it to Colin to decide whetehr Grand Poobah is taking the piss or not...

Lord Nazh© said...

I'd vote against non-profiled admins.

Are they admins because they have something to do, or admins because someone wants them to be?

Give them a job, any job :)

Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

Thanks, Bel and it seems from where I stand that no one seems to ahve any objection. I therefore ask any member to speak now or else just let me add them to the roll.

Shades - I'm sure Colin doesn't take it that way. He knows me well enough that I wouldn't take the piss with him [although a bit of friendly ribbing goes both ways between us].

Perhaps because I have a rubbish blog, as a certain BP admin kindly pointed out to the membership during the awards, my judgement is impaired.

So the best idea is that I'll take the name Grand Poobah for myself, if Colin has no objection and we'll find a complimentary name for him like Lord Keeper of Something or Other.

Lord Nazh - I agree that admins need roles. Maybe I've misread the mood of the membership but I see my own as Ambassador-at-Large or Secretaire-of-Blogpower Protocol.

Any thoughts?

lady macleod said...

sounds good to me. proceed.

MJW said...

All looks fine to me.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, if I am to be anything, I'd like a job to justify it. I know I'm a technical idiot but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot in all things. I can be quite meticulous in stuff that doesn't involve figures, for instance.

Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

We've done that in the latest post and if anythng else suggests itself to you, WC, we'll do it, your ladyship.