Thursday, July 19, 2007

Closer to Nirvana

1 Recent ideas to come from members

a. Some sort of probationary period of 3 or 6 months for new members;

b. A committee of some kind to look after the BP ethos;

c. Very mixed feeling about limiting size - no consensus;

d. No admins without portfolios - any portfolio is better;

e. Our own internal Awards in the autumn;

f. Some set of BP rules to incorporate all we've said.

2] There are 11 admins

# Ian Allenby [Blogfather and Lord Keeper of the Rolls - the one with the dsicretion to give the initial look over a new member and to decide whom to contact, whether to add etc;

# Ian Grey [Blogfather and Lord Keeper of the Mailing List, overseer of the dissemination of info to all members, Annual Awards Organizer, 2008;

# James Higham [Blogfather, Ambassador-at-Large, Reader of all BP utterances at least twice a week, Overseer of the mechanics of the main site, Secretary - writing up policy as it's formed [as I'm doing now], Secretary to the Blogfathers;

# Tom Paine [Blogfather, Lord Keeper of the Profiles Page, Annual Awards Ceremony MC, 2008;

# Mutley the Dog [Committee, Birthdays Officer];

# Pommygranate [Committee, Blogpower Member Profiler];

# Colin Campbell [Committee, Blogpower Awards [Internal] MC];

# Welshcakes Limoncello [Committee, Member of The Gang of Four];

# Liz Hinds [Committee, Member of The Gang of Four];

# Lady Macleod [Committee, Member of The Gang of Four];

# Matt Muttrell [Committee, Member of The Gang of Four];

3] Policy or urgent matters

Whenever something arises in the messageboard or elsewhere, it is dealt with by the Blogfathers initially. If necessary, it goes to the whole Committee. If really important, it is floated to the whole membership.

4] Blogpower Ethos

Initially already written up by James but added to and chopped and changed around as the Committee sees fit.

5] Fora

a. The DTB site - for profiles, general announcements, summary of discussions;

b. Pageflakes site - all permanent updated profiles and RSS feeds;

c. Mailing list and Messageboard - where we thrash out ideas.

6] Committee

a. The Eleven is pretty wide ranging in view, geographically, gender wise and so on. It also represents political/non-political, techie/non-yechie and looks very healthy - what do you think?

b. It also solves the problem of whom the committee would be. Let's leave it to Ian and Ian to come up with grandiose names for the Committee and each member because they're more creative than I on these matters.

7] The Gang of Four

They would split the BP roll between them [about a dozen each] and write up, at DTB once a week, a one or two line review of what, of interest, each of their dozen has been saying during the week. This does not cut across Pommygranate, who has his own two profiles a week. It's like four Blogfocuses for our membership.

8] My Current Task

To write up a document to submit to you, incorporating all these ideas, esp. probation period and to report back maybe this Sunday afternoon.

9] Your Task

a. Get your birthday to Mutley. I believe Will, of Young Conservative, just had one and it wasn't celebrated. The birthdays thing isn't working just now;

b. Please get around to as many blogs as you can.


Matt M said...

We really need to get a Blogpower round-up sorted out (along the lines of the Britblog round-up, but only BP blogs, obviously). It'd be a great way of generating publicity for each other and getting casual visitors to our blogs interested.

I'd suggest one be held every two weeks (initially), on a different blog each time and an email account set-up for nominations.

I'm quite happy to set-up the first one (if people think this is a good idea). I'll (hopefully) be back at a bloggable computer after next weekend - which, if I set-up the email account now, gives plenty of time for people to nominate posts.

What do people think?

Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

Let's combine the two ideas - the Gang of Four and the Britblog type thing.

OK, so Matt would go first, then maybe Welsh and so on. Nominations are e-mailed to these guys from all of us and they sort it out and post.

The reason the Gang of Four could rotate this is to give meaning to the admin role which I've been struggling to fill for these four people.

Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

I have to say too that I have Tiberius and CityUnslicker on the mind too just now.

Matt said...

Sounds like a good idea - although I think that, in the long term, it'd be better if the round-up travelled around as much of Blogpower as possible, to raise awareness better.

I've set up an email account for nominations:


If someone wants to put this in a post on this site we'll hopefully have the nominations start flooding in. Then I'll post the first round-up in the first week of August. If whoever wants to host the second emails me at that address I can give them the log-in details.

Shades said...

"Annual Awards Organizer, 2008;"

When did you sneak that in, Higham?