Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I would respectfully ask that my name be taken from any administrative duties to Blogpower for now.

There are things I need to do badly, the most important is to right my ship of life as I havn't been able to do since my divorce. I don't post much at my blog and even less here and I feel BP will be growing soon and need someone that is attentive to its needs in my place.

If and when I get my life turned around, I'll come back full force; until that time, I will still be here but not the same. I've avoided taking a look at myself long enough, it's time to fix it (sh$t or get off the pot eh?).

Thanks for the trust and be strong.


Tom Paine said...

It's all a question of priorities, LN, and of course you must attend to yours. Good luck with "fixing it."

Ian Appleby said...

Good luck, Lord Nazh, and go well.

james higham said...

As an admin, m'lord, you can do the removing yourself from where you wish. Good luck to you and come back soon!

lady macleod said...

looking at oneself and your life takes a brave soul. well done, and may the force be with you.