Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogpower supports thought experiments

Strictly speaking, Bryan Appleyard is not a Blogpowerer and you might wonder why this post then. It's because of his appeal for help. Chip explains it better here.

I strongly believe that if we do not support fellow bloggers, not just our own members, we are going against the spirit of Blogpower. I hope the majority agree with these sentiments.

So can anyone suggest anything about this matter.


youdontknowme said...

What exactly happened? Was it accidental or is blogger deliberately keeping him from his blog? If so why?

Bryan Appleyard said...

Accidental I hope, unless it was Gordon Brown.

youdontknowme said...

Damn Gordon Brown!

Delicolor said...

I'm a little wary of this. As Brian has his own URL, I have no idea if it is hosted on Blogpower itself or on another bit of real-estate. (You can use blogpower to bublish to your own site).

As Blogpower is an entirely free service, you get what you pay for and they are hardly likely to throw vast sums of money at technical support, expecially for a solution that may be a complex one.

I have worried myself about what would happen to my collective blogpower brain dump if they went bust or had a big change in policy. I'm not aware of any mechanism for archiving blogpower and haven't had the courage to dick about with the settings.

The other thing I am all too aware of is that technical support can be pretty disorganised, ramshackle & interrupt driven in the best of companies, even Blue chips (& I've been in the thick of it myself in former lives).

Ian Appleby said...

Deli, how dare you confuse our upright blogging collective with a shoddy blogging service connected to those well-known internet cowboys G**gle ;)

A good tip I was given - and I wish I could remember who deserves the credit - was to set-up, from your dashboard, an e-mail address to which each post would be sent. Lo and behold, an instant archive. Use a webmail service that allows pop access, and leave copies on the server, that way you get local and, er, non-local copies. Whether you could subsequently be bothered to repost it all in the event of a catastrophic failure is something of a moot point... I suppose you could make use of the publish by e-mail function, and forward it all, but now I am really digressing.

Scrambling to get back on-topic: good luck, Bryan!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Ian, That's a good idea. I'm going to do what you suggest.

Re Brian Appleyard, why not get all BP to put up the Image posted by Brian at Nourishing Obscuirity, plus a link to Chip's post in their sidebars?

Lord Nazh© said...

Btw: if you have your own site (and use any software, blogger included to publish to it) it creates an archive in your domain for you... all those webpages are still there even if your software won't let you publish anymore.

As to what to do if you do lose all your old posts... write new ones, that's the whole point of a 'blog' instead of a website anyway :)

"I strongly believe that if we do not support fellow bloggers, not just our own members, we are going against the spirit of Blogpower."

I support other bloggers as I can but I don't believe that not supporting non-members really affects the spirit of BP one way or the other.

Delicolor said...

...of course, in my post three up, I putter in Blogpower instead of

Is there any news?

james higham said...

Haven't heard anything. I'll check it out tomorrow morning.