Friday, June 15, 2007

Rollin' and Tumblin'

So questions have been raised about the BP blogroll, and how we go about adding to it, or, indeed, taking people off it. I think James' suggestions are a great starting point, this post may make one or two of the implications slightly more clear. It is good to see that BP is growing in popularity : We have three requests to join Blogpower that have not yet been processed; the candidates have the dubious honour of becoming the first three names on the 'pending' list:
Deeply Blasphemous
UK News & Politics
James has requested that we leave any debate over the actual or supposed participation of the BNP until he retains from his hiatus, and I think we ought to respect the wishes of the man who has put so much effort into Blogpower. For now, please just take note of the prospective members, and drop in now and then to gain a fair impression.

It is my sad duty also to inaugurate a list of BP blogs which are no longer active. I hope that inclusion on this list will be striuctly temporary - the route is always open for a return to the active list.
Calum Carr
Cynical Chatter
Istanbul Tory
The Tin Drummer
There are some quality blogs on that list, I am grateful that they saw fit to join in Blogpower, even if only for a short while; they will all be missed.


james higham said...

We actually have three others as well. I'll send them on if you haven't already got them.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I must admit to being a little sad about the loss of the Tin Drummer. I've done his blog a little obit. It was one of the best.

Lord Nazh said...

Good job on the rolls Ian; I can't find the email you sent to me with the log-in and pw for blogroll or I would have been happy to set it up... but I wouldnt' have gotten the catchy names in place :)

CalumCarr said...


What a teaser you've posed!

You say of the 4 blogs on the inactive list,"There are some quality blogs on that list.".

This means that not all of the inactive blogs are considered "quality".

Which ones?

Do I detect scrabbling out of a hole or are you man enough???? :)

Ian Appleby said...

Calum, you wouldn't be fishing for compliments, now, would you? :)

I take your point, but would add that 'some' refers to an unspecified number. It does also not necessarily refer to an unspecified number but not all of the blogs just on that list. So, whilst yours is one possible interpretation, it is erqually possible to read the line as saying that the four on the list are each representative in their own way of the high quality to be found out there in blogland in toto.

But since you ask, t - Oh noes, my kbrd hs gne agn.. Perhaps you'd care to throw me that rope?

Ian Appleby said...

James, please to send forthwith.

CalumCarr said...


Fishing? No! Being nominated was enough of a boost.

I read the post and the possible meaning leapt out at me. Was too good an opportunity to miss - even though on "holiday".

Ian Appleby said...

Calum, we're glad for the postcard; enjoy your break, but come back and join us soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope James has a nice holiday - I do not think it a coincidence that Honeysmack is away at the same time...

The Morningstar said...

I haven't quite died off yet and I hope to make a slow return to regular blogging.