Friday, June 15, 2007

Regarding membership enquiries

It's usually pretty straightforward - we're a very open bunch but with "open" comes a certain "easygoingness" in processing the business. We're trying to speed things up and as you'll see from the sidebar, the way to join is to:

1] Display the Black Knight banner [top right]. You can do this yourself by copy and paste but please embed it with this site's url. Or you can send for the html code to "lordnazh at lordnazh dot com".

2] Send to Lord Nazh to be added to the Provisional Roll [currently not displayed but will be later today, we hope].

3] At any time the Provisional Roll is visible to members and though we don't openly canvass members about it, they can see who's on it and if there are any objections, they e-mail "jameshigham at mail dot com" and express their concerns.

4] If no one's objected within one week, then that person goes to the current roll. If there have been substantial objections, then the matter must come up for discussion between members who have sent their e-mails to James Higham or whose e-mail he currently has [except between June 18th and 29th].

5] Nature of objections. In principle, we never object [often we're too busy or apathetic to do so]. This principle was established during the Blogpower Wars earlier in the year. However, if there is a fair bit of objection, [much more than "I don't like him, he doesn't like me"], then, as stated, it must come up for discussion [except between June 18th and 29th].

That's it and sorry it took us so long to make it clear.


Lord Nazh said...

I think we need to start thinking of an upper limit on blogs to be included in the current roll.

IMO, if we allow the roll to grow without thought to a cap, we lose what we as BP have.

james higham said...

This is covered in 2c[iii] of the Housekeeping post, Lord Nazh. It's on the agenda for disussion.

Lord Nazh said...

btw, if anyone emails me for the 'html' code to display the banner, I will tell them to pinch it from here o.O