Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some Announcements for your Information

First of all there is a corrected html blogroll in the post below, which reflects the changes in our membership.

Some bloggers have left Blogpower over the last few months, like No Clue, Bearwatch and Calum Carr while others have closed their blogs, like Question That, Ordovicius and An Insomniac. However, for your interest, the latter two have new blogging projects outside of BP at Welsh Noted and Blog, respectively. In Search of High Places and Grendel are on extended hiatus so have been removed from the active blogroll at DTB.

While within BP Beaman has moved from Beaman's World to Politics & Poetry and Crushed by Ingsoc has moved to Crushed by Ingsoc, now hosted at Wordpress.

Please change your links accordingly if you have any of these in a separate blogroll. Thank you.

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