Friday, February 13, 2009

BBC Commits A Criminal Act --- Cynical Chatter from the Underworld

It isn't the BBC as a whole that has committed a criminal act, it was the programme 'Watchdog.' Though as a flagship programme you might as well title this blog the way it is.

The researchers imported 2, and possibly more, illegal knives into the country and they even broadcast the fact that they did so. The law is very clear, just importing those knives into this country is a crime, so why weren't they arrested? Probably because they were providing propaganda for the police officers who they spoke to. I also have to ask why licence fee payers money was used to carry out this criminal act?

As has been pointed out in the comments on the article, some of the knives are perfectly legal to buy, own and carry in this country. The police aren't going to admit that though, they will just class the lot as offensive weapons and claim there is only one use for them. The programme was also incorrect in saying that the knives were illegal in the USA, the laws vary from state to state, I doubt the researchers checked the laws of each state that the knives came from.

As for the tosser of a presenter, he implies that calling a knife a tool is wrong, a knife is a tool you cretin, the first ones were used thousands of years ago and made from flint, a substance that can still be used today to provide a razor sharp edge. Some of the first articles to be made from bronze were blades for axes and knives as it made a more efficient tool.

So thanks to this cretinous piece of scaremongering we now have ebay shutting down all legitimate knife retailers other than those for kitchen knives. By the way, for those comments on the programme identifying ebay as a retailer, that isn't correct either. So well done Watchdog, a number of knife sellers who had been going about their business in a legitimate and legal manner are now going to be punished, simply because you broke the law and then bragged about it to make a factually innacurate, and sensationalist piece for your programme.

I think it is time to cancel the direct debit for my licence fee.

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Moggs Tigerpaw said...

But you don't get to be able to avoid paying your licence fee (unless you don't have a TV and even then they will hastle you) or you will be breaking the law too.

And you can soo bet you won't be getting any get out of jail free card.

Probably they would make an exapmle of you.