Friday, January 16, 2009

Palestinians as Noble Savages? --- Observations from a Hillside

On my way home from work tonight I walked past a pro-Palestinian nutjob trying to drum up support for a protest "to stop the Israeli attacks in Gaza". I have no problem with people protesting about anything (providing it's done in a legal and peaceful manner) as it's a legitimate part of political participation; but in this case it's pointless because no matter how hard this nutter and others like him try to brush over it, their attitude implicitly recognises a fundamental barrier to a long-term resolution.

Many of the things that the Israeli's are currently doing in Gaza are wrong, I have no doubts about that, but in demanding the Israeli's fall back, whilst not making any demand that Hamas (which is supposedly a democratically elected political party) stamp out the virulently anti-Semitic jihadi nutjobs who continually attack random targets inside Israel, they are merely recognising that the Palestinians are not in control of their own behaviour.

I posted earlier this week about the double standards on display, but the more ludicrous articles I see from apologists for this violent anti-Semitism, especially the truly disturbing ones that try to make some (sometimes thinly veiled) comparisons with the Holocaust, the more I draw the conclusion that many of these apologists see the Palestinians as little more than modern day "noble savages" (though what's noble about violent ant-Semitism is beyond me).

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