Friday, December 12, 2008

Fear and Loathing in Lyme Regis -- Mutleythedogsdayout

A savage journey to the heart of the Dorset Dream!

We were somewhere around Redruth on the edge of the moors when the drugs began to take was mainly lucozade and white lightning - a brew known locally as Wizz... and a voice was screaming "Oh Crikey - what are those animals?" Giles was driving the Morris Minor - "What the hell are you murmuring about?" He replied snidely...

"We can't stop here." I found myself commenting, "This is bat country!"

And so it is. The pipistrelle, the long eared, and my fave!! The Mouth Organ playing Bat - a porcelain bat which lives on window cleaners step ladders and in top hats!

I was on my way to do some exciting xmas shopping and to do my bit to beat the 'recession' as we must now call it. Luckily I will be paid early this Xmas - allowing we 'wage slaves' to spend Januarys' money in December - this sure to halt the credit timebomb!

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jmb said...

Head still spinning Mutley, even on a second reading. Do you think the lucozade combined with white lightening is travelling through the interwebs and affecting me too?

Anonymous said...

"How did I get here?" I wondered... (with apologies to the estate of the late Hunter S. Thompson)