Sunday, November 30, 2008

What to do when its raining

Its absolute madness out there (in London- apologies to you if its lovely wherever you are)- so if like me, you don't fancy the wind and rain or just want a lazy Sunday afternoon- what better to do than to go round the Blogpower television network. First you turn on the television- and its on the cookery channel where the Fake Consultant is busy offering you recipes for cooking birds- particularly Turkey (incidentally happy thanksgiving to any of our American readers). Mutley is worried about the price of pickles, and our roving reporter Welshcakes has been spotting anti-pasta in Sicily. Oh and that cup of coffee- why not make it a bit different- fancy a central American cup. Cookery programs, pah I can hear you saying, I want the real meat out there with the documentaries.

Well switch the channel then- and have a look at Matt Wardman's analysis of the current efforts by the Church of Tom Cruise to send people to help with (capitalise on) the suffering of the victims of Mumbai. Fancy something more domestic- well Ruthie's got an agonising tale of the American welfare system. And Ellee's telling tales of the connection between the credit crunch and drugs and alcohol abuse. The Thunderdragon is focusing even closer to home: heard about the cold war between Eakring and the next village in Nottinghamshire- he has the details

Switch channels and its over to the breaking news: Ordovicius is giving up blogging. It gets worse- apparantly communism is coming back. I wouldn't be that happy with that myself, having just seen what the Baader Meinhof gang did in the fine film out about them. Lets get back to the serious stuff, away from frivolous movies- Bob doesn't reckon much to Cameron- he has just spotted a strategical mistake by the Tory leader. The current issues surrounding Damien Green receive some attention to, as a conservative wonders if the Police have breached Parliamentary Privilege, and a hippy argues that unrestrained leaking doesn't help government. Tom wants the Home Secretary to go, and stop with the excuses.

Intelligent discussion programs are also available: change the channel and you'll find a wonderful discussion of Martin Amis's House of Meetings. Jams though responds by thinking about how the Italian Job really ended. Whereas Kori thinks that a new mode of consciousness is emerging- represented both by Barack Obama and the new mayor of Vancouver. Kizzie explains that the Arabic language is a political subject in the Sudan- and has the details to back up her case. Overall though things must be put into a historical context, like that that Heather Yaxley puts the car industry's marketing into.

Oh its all far too depressing- all our stations are delivering is an unremitting gloom. At least whenever the TV is too depressing, we can turn it off and relax. Lets look at some pictures: Rodin or the Berlin Sony Centre: take your pick. Or why not put on a CD, Grendel has a suggestion for us. Its rousing stuff- and so this roundup has been- the weather in London may be bleak, but this week's stroll round the blogpower channels has been pretty inspiring. I don't agree with everything I read, but I did appreciate it all and there are posts I've missed- why don't you go and explore as well- forget the rain and the cold and get going round that sidebar- there is plenty to see and enjoy.


Heather Yaxley said...

Thanks for the link and the run round Blogpower - just to say that it's lovely and sunny in the French Pyrenees today, so not gloomy and depressing everywhere. And it only cost a few quid to get here with Ryanair...

jmb said...

Excellent round-up as usual Gracchi and now I have something to read in the wet snowy part of the world that I am in currently.

fake consultant said...

don't let that rain bother jmb can well attest, it should be clearing right up--in roughly eight months or so.