Friday, November 07, 2008

Sandi Toksvig for Doctor Who! --- Finding Life Hard?

Amidst all the media brouhaha about Brand and Ross last week I missed hearing the most important news of the week. It took Younger Son to tell me that David Tennant is retiring from his role as Doctor Who.

I had a quiet little weep.

But then, on the News Quiz on radio 4, I heard something that perked me up no end. The panellists had been discussing the fact that it was public pressure that made the BBC act in the lewd phone calls affair. And Sandi Toksvig said she was going to ask Radio 4 listeners to write in to demand 'Sandi Toksvig for Doctor Who!'

Now wouldn't she be perfect? She has just the right quirky eccentricity to carry it off and in the age of a black American president, maybe it's time for a female Doctor.

Write to the BBC if you agree!

Posted by Liz at Finding Life Hard?


Liz said...

THank you, jmb!

jmb said...

Needless to say Liz, I have no idea who this woman is but such a shake-up would certainly make it interesting.