Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blogpower- Encapsulating The Power of The Blog

Who are Blogpower, they say? What is Blogpower they ask?
The answer’s in the question, honeybunny, the answer’s in the question.

Maybe none of us are ever going to change the world. But as bloggers, we all believe that our thoughts are worth sharing. And we believe in the power of people communicating. So is Blogpower people power?

Is this indeed, a vision of great significance?
Yes, I think so.

Blogpower has no political axe to grind. If you have not yet met our current guiding lights, come do so. We have Colin Campbell, who shows here just why the sprit of Python with the anarchic wit of Spike Milligan will never die. And we have jmb, our stolid, sensible grandmother. One of the benefits of BP, is many of us have equally talented co-authors too and jmb has one of the best, the sassy, quick witted Moggs, shown here at her best and most thought provoking.

We have our political bloggers. But do not think this is an organisation of one particular shade. Bob Piper is by far the most objective of the Labour Bloggers out there I feel. Read this honest post and you get a feel for the quality of debate available in BP blogs. Political bloggers who can assess the faults of their own side, yes, BP gives that. And not just on the red side. I like Norfolk blogger mainly because of his own readiness to analyse the failures of the Lib Dem advance. But I also like his cutting ability to make my smile at the oddities of positions based solely on political allegiances and ideology devoid of reality. And the Tories have a powerful voice in Letters From a Tory. How we are we to see him? Is the proverbial Surrey Colonel writing his ‘annoyed of Godalming' letters? I suspect not. Does it matter? Because he does it in a way that hits the nail, as he does here in a very incisive piece about Cameron. And as for other less trodden parts of the spectrum? Miss Wagstaff is one of the best, A Michael Dobbs for the Welsh assembly, and I think we all need to congratulate her here on a job well done.

Come meet Paulie, of Never Trust a Hippy. Don’t tell me Hippies don’t think, not if you’ve read this thoughtful piece on bank nationalisation. And meet Thunderdragon. Short, to the point, gets his point across. Can’t argue with that.

Tin Drummer is a good writer, because he thinks. Often after Stella, as he himself admits. But I’ll say this. Though I myself use a lot of Orwell Imagery, there are passages in 1984 had me ponder. And what the Drummer writes here, I had to agree with. Bang on, TD, bang on.

Another interesting blogger is Jams over at the Poor Mouth. Interesting, because I think he just blogs what interests him. And why not? I liked this little offering.

If you’ve missed out on Gracchi’s excellent, and I mean excellent set of posts on Livy, a series of posts that belongs in an Oxbridge thesis, don’t allow this to happen. Here’s the latest.

From Tuscan Tony and his lingerie to Mutley and his campaigns, life in BP is never dull.
You get Finance News from Capitalist@work, you get a unique take on Sport from a Brummie Republic.

Why do you need to buy a paper?

And of course we have Tom Paine. Is he the real Tom Paine? I don’t know. I’ve read the Rights of Man, and I read Tom’s posts and sometimes I’m not sure...

And we have our own little furry heroine, to be found here- no, no, no, I don’t mean Welshcakes, a heroine of cuisine though she is. But we all go to be taunted at what we’re not getting to eat and to hear once again, about the indomitable little dog that is Simi.
And it’s always good to have experts. I’d love a cup of coffee from this guy. I think he’d know how to make one, and I love my coffee. And when politics is personal, the personal is political, as this post shows.

Have you met No Clue? Here she is on the Barnstaple Clock Tower. In BP it really is true, you can learn something new every day.

From the new, to the returned- Beaman’s back!
And Ruthie's still here, she assures us.
And our Featured BP blogger is reading a book when she can get round to it.
And lastly, never forget that Age really is all in the mind, that nature will always be beautiful, that consultants not in the BP family, are often a let down, but you could do a lot worse than get advice from a fake consultant.


I do not agree with everything you say, my friend, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant witty and clever!!

Colin Campbell said...

Very good. So much talent, so little time to read it.

Devonshire Dumpling said...

A very funny write up. I'm going to spend the rest of the day catching up on these blogs.

Gracchi said...

Cheers, Crushed- I have to say your comments on those posts are interesting too- thanks for the compliment!

Ms Smack said...

Ha! Very cleverly written.


jmb said...

Excellent roundup Crushed, very well crafted and besides being entertaining in itself it leads to a lot of very interesting reads.
Thanks for doing it.

Crushed said...

Mutley- I think I wanted to try aim for a big picture look, to emphasise the panoramic vista available.

Colin- There is, and some of it doesn't get noticed so much. I wanted to get The Conscious Earth in too, but I felt there was already a little too much political stuff right now.

Devonshire Dumpling- It's a bit like Devon in that way, I guess. The real gems are the odd little villages that don't make the tourist radar.

Gracchi- I think the history of history itself is often a much neglected topic. And I think you're right to show just how much more than simple statements of fact, and some of them unverifiable, we can glean from writings of this sort. It's a shame not enough people take an interest in source materials as I think people once did.

Ms S- Thanks :)
I was a bit apprehensive about writing it, because there have been some hard acts to follow, but as long as people are happy, it's all cool.

jmb- There was a lot to choose from, in fact there were probably over 200 posts published within BP over the last week.

It's hard to be totally objective, but a lot of the ones I selected were kind of jumping out and saying 'Pick me pick me!'

So they were.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

A very original and witty way of doing it. Thanks for the mention. Simi is flattered, too!

DeeJay said...

Excellent piece of prose Crushed - I wish I could be so eloquent and witty

heartbeats said...

Hello, Have a nice week ahead!!!

James Higham said...

Wonder if they'd be commenting like this if they knew what you were up to behind the scenes.


James- They know. They quiver at the thought that they dissed each other to this lunatic before realizing, and now worry their nasty missives will end up on his blog.

Crushed said...

As I've said, I'm not rising to either of you.

You can carry on your campaign till the cows come home. I have made it quite clear the existence of the pair of you, is something I no longer intend to acknowledge.

But I think it in typical bad taste that you should bring your campaign to the BP homepage.

And that is the sole response you can expect from me on the subject.

Welshcakes, Deejay, much appreciated.

James Higham said...

I think the point has been made in the current series of posts. Trolls eventually get theirs.