Wednesday, October 01, 2008

At Last!

Last week I promised to take a turn at a Blogpower roundup, and naturally enough my network packed up. However, it may be late but it is done (and my network is still non-functional for the desktop although the notebook is linked in quite nicely.

The bloggers below are an interesting crew and while I don't agree with all their views, I do love reading them!

The Two Wolves are howling at Recession, the 5th horse of the apocalypse. Tuscan Tony is also looking at things in the toilet, but this time focusing on a search engine for the location of the nearest necessity.

Tom Paine's been ignoring the prophets of doom and gloom and been driving his Maserati across Europe – all right for some! A Tory has been speeding lines in the other direction and posted an open letter to John McCain suggesting he needs a new strategy. Heather Yaxley does some strategic analysis of her own of a campaign that is likely to annoy the very group it is targeting. Jams over at The Poor Mouth has managed to find something awful of his own – some 1874 poetry by Theophile Marzials.

Welshcakes is also getting into language this week and coming to grips with the challenges of pronunciation while Pauli at Never Trust a Hippy is asking if bloggers are putting journalists under pressure to publish leaks by being an alternate and immediate source of leaks themselves.

Meanwhile I have just discovered that Sally in Norfolk has in fact sallied out from Norfolk this week. Crushed by Ingsoc examines the ecstasy of orgasmic raptures, or is that the rapturous ecstasy of orgasm. I'm still not sure!

Ellee Seymour ask whether or not “The Secret” is mumbo jumbo while ThunderDragon reckons describing Tony Blair as 'Churchillian' is definitely stretching the bounds of belief.

Adelaide Green Porridge marks the passing of JB Jeyeratnum, one of the few who consistently stood up to the ruling PAP in Singapore. DeeJay at Age is All in the Mind has linked to a beautiful piece of music – Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings and An Insomniac wonders whether Apple are stringing us all along and wants to know whether or not the iPod touch is any good.


jmb said...

Very good round-up "Grendel". Glad that your computer issues are at least partially solved.
Thanks for doing it.

Colin Campbell said...

Good work from the other side of the Nullarbor.

"Grendel" said...

Thanks guys - finally got ALL the 'puter issues sorted - I bought a new router and new card for $250 then installed those with no luck at all, took them out, but the old gear back online, re-tweaked all the settings and bugger me if it didn't work again.

Did manage to get my money back on the new gear at the returns desk though!