Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blogpower Round Up 18th August

Image stolen from Theo Spark

So beginneth the Blogpower round up a review of the exciting posts made in BP over the last week from a LGBT perspective!

A Conservative is pondering reasons to move from the North to the South leaving his whippet and flat hat at home whilst down in Adelaide Not watching the Olympics means that there is plenty of time to watch Koalas - the worlds campest bear - instead. Our lovely friend Andy is off on his hols - I wish I was going with him don't you? The lovely Lady Macleod also says she is on the move - to Gay Paree! I think we should go and visit and swap make-up tips - if we get invited obviously!

Make mine a Moccachino at Cafe Grendel who as usual is not to be diverted from the topic of coffee - I honestly think he will be running a bijou eaterie at the end of time.. I shall be wetting my tonsils there for sure.

Calum Carr has been on his hols already- to a somewhat more bracing and manly spot- - he was living on porridge and bearing his hairy knees in a kilt - by all reports -what an idea! The dainty little feet of Crushed by Ingsoc have wound their merry way to Mars this week, where he imagines an idyllic future- well who wouldn't?

The lovely Heather Yaxley at Green Bannana has something about advertising which I didn't quite understand - still hey? Can't have everything...I am a dog of very little brain...whilst that Tory has been writing letters about amongst other things fat children, legalising drugs and A levels - I think they are all connected myself...On another Island David Martin is back.. informally anyway - worrying about Zimbabwe and inflation, bless him! Mike Ion - for it is he - is worried about school tests and political blogging - slightly old for this week, but he has some staggering statistic on the gigantic scale of blogging - no wonder no one reads mine!

A Quango Bonfire is enthralling for Miss Wagstaff though she doubts its effectiveness. Our very own JMB has colourful photography and Japanese cooking with what look like Moon Pies to me... tasty!

The lovely Pub Philosopher has been to Devon for a wedding and got a bit damp. For the future - Take Note! The sea is the blue bits - to stay dry, stay out of it!

Sally in Norfolk has been eavesdropping in Tescos and being irritated by her doorbell. Unplug it woman! Honestly....

Over in Sicily the lovely Welshcakes has been in a holiday mood as well - and is offering an exciting job opportunity - form an orderly queue please!

Mr O'Donnell tells the unlikely story of the dog cloning bail skipper Joyce McKinney and a three legged horse ... I feel a movie treatment coming on!

Is Theo Spark still in BP? He has some cartoons and nudie pics - so what the heck?! I have never seen him comment on another BP blog - have you?

Finally over at Westminster Wisdom we are faced with the question Why Are There homosexuals? Why indeed? I hope we can spend a long sweaty afternoon investigating the matter soonest...


jmb said...

First class job Mr Mutley. I see that Mr Campbell has been taking the mickey out of you too. He must have been posting at the same time as you!

Colin Campbell said...

Who me?

Theo commented on my blog once or twice. A treasured moment for such a blog creating machine.

Liz said...


sally in norfolk said...

very enjoyable to read... thanks for the link too :-)