Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get Listed In The 2008-9 Blogging Guide

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For political bloggers, particularly those based in the UK

Iain Dale is looking for blogs to be listed in the 2008-9 Guide to Political Blogging, which will be published in September by Total Politics in association with APCO Worldwide.

If you have a blog and it isn't listed here, or it is but it is in the wrong category (see below - some libertarian blogs are under 'Conservative', for example), leave a comment here...

Conservative blogs; Green blogs; Labour blogs; Left-wing blogs; Lib Dem blogs; Libertarian blogs; Non-aligned blogs; Plaid Cymru blogs; Right-wing blogs; SNP blogs; UKIP blogs.

Also, separately, The Witangemot Club (campaign for an English parliament) has opened the voting for its annual blog awards this week. Vote here.

1 comment:

mutleythedog said...

I am listed - obviously! As a conservative because I admire that nice Mr Cameron..