Monday, June 09, 2008

Issues from Blogpower Vote

There are a number of issues that arise from the results of recent voting.

We need to resolve whether the outstanding members still intend to remain members of Blogpower. If you did not participate in the vote and did not respond to JMBs request to confirm your plans, perhaps you could do so. For those who are taking a break from blogging, we have a place for you without giving up your membership. All you have to do is email JMB at the email address in the side bar stating your intentions.

At present a vote is taking place in the mailing list for all current members relating to a proposed expulsion of one of the members, David from Bradford Degeneration. The background and issues are well documented in the mailing list. This vote will conclude on Sunday June 15 at midnight. Please go to the mailing list to cast your vote and share your thoughts.

This vote is an important one for Blogpower and it is hoped that all members will either vote on the list or directly to one of the admins, JMB, Colin Campbell or Ian Grey. A record of your vote will be documented, but not shared if it is your intention to remain anonymous or do not want to use the list. Email contact information is on our blogs. All that we ask is that we try to maintain a civil tone. The personal attacks that we have seen leading up to the vote are not acceptable and make Big Brother look pretty tame.

On a personal note, would like to thank everyone for supporting me in my new role as admin. I am hopeful that we can reclaim some of the original aims that James set for the group in his original vision statement to support fellow bloggers. My personal opinion is that this is a very powerful vision and worth supporting. My decision to take on this role was motivated by a desire to ensure that it was not lost in some of the changes in the organisation since that time.

Best wishes to you all.


Baht At said...

and my view of the farce can be seen here:

James of course was hounded out over precisely the same issue - whether the drug-dealer crushed should remain a member.

Theo said...

OK I voted against increasing the membership numbers but I think there could be space for some new members. Between you and me the Bradford twat said something nasty about me a while back and I will be glad to see the back of him. I have posted the Blogpower logo on my 'new' site but will not post the blog roll unless someone gives me the code for a really small boxy thing. This is just because I do not want to clutter up the sidebar. I will promote Blogpower on my site if you want because I think that we can become a great body of bloggers. Anyone wanting to check my stats scroll down to the bottom and hit the sitemeter logo.

Ellee Seymour said...

Sorry I missed this first time round, but could I please be emailed the questions so I can respond?

Baht At said...

ah theo, here's my review so everyone can see what you are whinging about

I love the way I'm being hounded for speaking the truth about the assorted collections of blogs within blogpower - so much for defending the right to blog.... more like defending the right to blog provided you don't say any members are crap, sexual predators or unrepentant serial law breakers (or even drugdealers)

Remember the founder was hounded out too for speaking up against Crushed.

Baht At said...

The other point that should be noted is that this motion has not been seconded by anyone except an administrator who since she is in effect a speaker of the "assembly" would only have that right in the most despotic of tinpot dictatorships.

Secondly she is arguing that only one motion can be on the floor at anyone time and thus my proposal for the expulsion of crushed (which unlike the motion to expel me has been seconded by a non-administrator) cannot be heard until I have been expelled, and that it will then fail because the proposer was under sentence of death at the time he proposed the motion.

All in all a sad tale of abuse of the founders good ideas and perhaps the best thing to do is wind blogpower up on the grounds that the administrators can't run it properly.

Anonymous said...

"All in all a sad tale of abuse of the founders good ideas and perhaps the best thing to do is wind blogpower up on the grounds that the administrators can't run it properly".

Or perhaps they could just simply work out how to get rid of trolls?

Anonymous said...

Take a break David. Don't you think that you have dug enough?

Baht At said...

ah we have anonymous cowards posting now do we.

The answer is as long as crushed is a member and I am no.


Seems to me the ethos should clearly state that they support bloggers, even the ones who castigate a woman with vicious lies and spin on their blogs should they dare speak out about abuse, to save other women here what goes on behind the scenes.

Let's see....the REAL count is... 3 people speak out about Crushed's dubious online conduct- people castigated and bullied by Crushed.
That's 100% success rate for the new official head of BP- predator , himself.

And BP thinks they are going to get( especially female) members to vote openly infront of this bully?