Monday, December 03, 2007

Votes of Thanks

Huge votes of thanks to JMB for her sterling effort to get the bumper 4th Blogpower Roundup up and running.

To Ian Appleby - a tragic loss and I, more than anyone, feel uneasy that we don't have his even-minded hand at the tiller for the foreseeable future. Who knows what February might bring? Thanks, Ian, from the bottom of our hearts.

Colin and Matt - these are the type of Bloggers we can't afford to lose. We haven't lost them - they'll be in semi-hibernation only. We hope. Thanks for all the pleasure you brought to us.


Shades said...

James, time to get some more admins & give them the various keys to the kingdom. (Jocko is my fallback for the mailing list if I get run over by the proverbial bus).

mutleythedog said...

Cornish Democrat doesn't seem to be accessible right now...