Saturday, November 10, 2007

Work of the poet

Another interested prospective member:

Come visit my blog and see if you like it: Work of the Poet. I think it would be fun to have a group to share blogging and ideas with.

I'd like to invite members to cast an eye over the blog, and leave your thoughts in the comments. The first objection will, as usual, trigger a vote in the mailing list.

(I'm posting it because she applied via the mailing list rather than directly to an Admin).

On looking at our site here without the benefit of insider knowledge I have to admit that it isn't very clear from the sidebar what the joining procedure is for interested people.

***UPDATE Comments closed and discussion moved to mailing list***

***Final update- Application now withdrawn***


jmb said...

An interesting blog. Pluses include being female, non political in general, North American (all in short supply in BP).

But does she know the aims of BP and agree with them? She has no links to any member of BP. Does anyone have any contact with her at all? She has visited me for Photo Hunt, but that's all.

I'd have to say I'm on the fence at the moment, wanting to be sure that she really understands the aims of BP.

I'm interested to hear further discussion by others. Not sure if what I have said moves it to the mailing list or not.

Sir James Badger said...

Yes, agree with JMB that those are all plusses. I'd like to know how she knows about BP - is it through Photosharing and you yourself, JMB?

Personally, I like the lady.

Lord Nazh© said...

See no reason at all to recommend.

But I have no objection.

jmb said...

No James, unless she noticed the DTB logo on my sidebar. She has only visited my photo hunt a couple of times in the past two weeks. I have no objection to the site, for in returning a visit I looked around at her blog, plus she has another book blog which I perused, naturally.

I just would like to make sure that she knows what Blogpower is all about and agrees with its aims before recommending.

I think it would be fun to have a group to share blogging and ideas with.
This statement makes me wonder what she has in mind, although obviously it is not a misstatement BP's aims are so much more.

Perhaps someone could email her and inquire.

Still on the fence till I know more.

Sir James Badger said...

I've written, JMB.

the teach said...

Thanks, guys, I've answered. Sir James, please don't blame anyone for putting me onto Blog Power (which I said in my e-mail) I'm a curious bugger, I am.

Sir James, thanks for the compliment and Lord Nazh, I can guess why you can't recommend me for membership.

I do want to tell you that all I've read (even your Code) makes me wonder what you guys are up to... Are you just covering up a conservative bent? Or have I just bumped into real conspiracy theorists? Who knows but Sir James can tell you, I just don't think I'm a match for your group, no matter what you're up to.

CalumCarr said...

Let her in!

Given earlier comments, it is clear that the purity and security of BP is at risk. Let's get a BP police force to ensure that all members follow the Code at all times and to bring all defaulters in front of the elders; let's assume that all prospective members are risks and so a BP citizenship test is required to allow through only those who can parrot the correct answers.

Or let's get a life!

Perhaps BP stands for something other than Blogpower!

Lord Nazh© said...

Teach: I didn't 'recommend' you for membership simply because I didn't like your blog; it's direction and your vents. It was not a personal thing (you notice I didn't object to your blog).

Now then, with that last paragraph I object and we'll have to vote on it.