Thursday, November 01, 2007

Two Blogpowerers in 2007 Weblog Awards

If you were to pop over here:

… you would note that sadly, BP did not make it to Best Online Community finalists.

However, the Best UK Blog category features:

* Iain Dale

* Guy Fawkes

* Neil Clark

* EUReferendum

* Pub Philosopher

* The Devil's Kitchen

* Baggage Reclaim

* Nourishing Obscurity

* Bright Meadow

• Kickette
Gobsmacked and delighted for our boys who made it to these awards, in the light of last year’s comment which actually kicked off Blogpower:

I first found out about this at the ever witty and top ranking blog of Jon Swift and I would like to add that Jon Swift is a finalist under the heading of Funniest Blog.


Lord Nazh© said...

BP needs a database/forum. Something we can all sign up to and then comment from (like the sites that did make it into the finals) :)

Bob Piper said...

Nice of you to be concerned... but I wasn't expecting to make the cut!


Sir James Badger said...

LN - probably.

Bob - good to see you over this way.