Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mike Ion

There was considerable debate about Mike and he turned out to be one of our more controversial choices. I don't think it's betraying confidences to say that the opposition came mainly but not exclusively from Conservative sources but he should know that many Conservatives voted for him, including me.

This was because we do have a libertarian tradition at BP and the voices for the Voltaire Maxim outweighed the voices who raised quite legitimate concerns. Clearly, this is a signal to the blogosphere that we can encompass divergent views at BP and can be a community dedicated to quality blogging, which has officially actually bcome part of our entry criteria.

These criteria are still being debated in the Mailing List but as soon as we have our document, we'll post it.

Welcome to Mike and hope some raging debate can ensue.

Comments will be closed off for some time because those who congratulate or decry should be members and can do that within our Mailing List.