Monday, October 08, 2007

Membership speaks on two new members

The membership, over a three day period have voted this way:

Some Random Thoughts - to henceforth be put onto the full roll. Welcome to Blogpower and we hope you yourself will enjoy it.

The Invisible Hand - to wait three months and an e-mail as to the reasons is being sent to him, rather than being discussed here at DTB.

From the discussion, which was pretty lively, these major points emerged as to what we like to see in blogs joining Blogpower:

* Comments accepted and responded to regularly.
* Been going for some time consistently (at least 3-4 months or(?) 100 postings).
* Be well-designed and easy to navigate. That means categories andprobably archives.
* Are "live" and updated regularly. Personally I think the "sleeping"arrangements are quite good - so that we can go on hiatus for a bit.
* Have enough info disclosed about the author to give some context.
* Not be splogs or pretend to be somebody else's blog, or be obviouslydomain squatting.
* Not specifically encourage harrassment, spamming, etc.