Sunday, August 26, 2007

Roll Up, Roll Up

Yep, I know there's now a smoking ban in the UK, but the roll I have in mind is that located somewhere down and to the right; I am going away for about three weeks on Friday, so I would like to update the full member roll before I go. We have three prospective members to consider - unless there are objections, I will transfer them across on Thursday:

Critical Faculty Dojo

Sanity Optional

Nation of Shopkeepers

Did I mention I am going away for a bit? When I come back, I will have to devote a lot more time to my research, and so a lot less time to blogging. With that in mind, would anyone like to step forward and take over blogrolling duties from me? Familiarity with HTML and a help, but not essential. Please form an orderly queue in the comments, or drop me a line at the usual address.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

All three currently blogrolled by me anyway- good additions, all.
I know as much about HTML as I need to know to post, and nothing of, but if no one else with real knowledge volunteers, I 'll give it a go.

sally in norfolk said...

While on the subject of blog do i get the blogpower blog roll onto my blog.. :-)

Ian Appleby said...

Thanks, Crushed, watch this space.

Sally, you've got mail.

Sir James Robison said...

I object to Sanity is Optional for personal reasons I'll communicate to fellow admins. I also object to the continued existence of one other current member for the same reason and I'll also communicate that to the admins.

Perhaps nothing will come of it.

phishez_rule said...

James - you can object all you like, but have you been over to my blog, before all the fracas, or since then, with an open mind? How often? Do I offend you with my political views? I think I deserve a chance to find out why you have such a personal objection to me. I'd give you the same chance.


Sanity Optional should NOT be a member here when she attacks ppl on their blogs, hijacks them and then writes filthy lies about them and coerces member(s) of BP to link to her filth under my hijacked blog url. I was going to join BP twice now, but these kinds of shenanigans killed my spirit for blogging.As a blogger alone,Sanity Optional works against the BP ethos.

Sir James Robison said...

Yes, the moment things started to arise about two bloggers I viewed the whole site. Regulars know me that I do my homework first before making a statement.

I'm awaiting your reply to my invitation, Phishez.

Lord Nazh© said...

Hey Phishez sent a pic to honey! :) of course that doens't overcome all objections, but it was a nice pic

Eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Lord Nazh© said...

btw, I love Uber :) but she doesn't get a vote unless she finally joins right? (heh)

[uber: i realize you are making a statement as I am making a joke]


Just keep the love flowing this way, M'Lord. :)

pommygranate said...

Nation of Shopkeepers is an excellent blog. A great addition.

What's the story with Sanity is Optional?

phishez_rule said...

Pommygranate - you'll have to wait and see... just like everybody else. *Mwahhahaha*


The story with sanity Optional is that she is a blog hijacker and a publisher or private emails as well as the added quality of bieng a liar who writes defaming lies about people for an unclear motivation.Bad karma.

phishez_rule said...

The blogpower admins know the whole story and they have every right to say I'm not in if they beleive me to be capable of that.

I'm happy to leave the decision up to them.


Well your whole story is a LIE isn't it, judging by the lies on the url you stole!


Produce evidence that I demanded you come and fight on my blog or that I attacked your readers or that you know ANYTHING baout my relationship, which is none of your business and that you have no facts about.You do not have enough integrity to be a crossing guard.Who are you to decide about NOT giving me my URL back when you are exploiting the links.....I would like to see yuor "whole story" so that there can be arebuttal. I think this "persons'"
appilcation process should be a public one.

Lord Nazh© said...

You gals need to fight it seems. Not sure this is the best place for it (since no one reading with the exception of a couple of people actually know the truth).

Uber: For you to demand things about this application, it would go better if you were involved in BP I think.

Sir James Robison said...

All right, it seems I'll have to comment and I was hoping to avoid it and let it all go away. Fat chance.

As Uber has said above, she was in a relationship and it is very close to BP. One who has commented here knows all about it.

It seems Phishez was not having a relationship with this same blogger but two other girl bloggers seem to be in different states of it with him. Seems he's quite the ladies man. Phishez appears to have had a long friendship with this BP boy-blogger.

Uber charges that he breached trust and she took it hard. He denies it all as absolute rubbish and that I myself am pro-Uber on this. You'll have to judge that for yourself.

Phishez, as the close friend of the boy blogger, appears to have moved to protect him from Uber and Uber says she deleted her own blog under pressure from the others - there's another woman blogger involved too whom Lord Nazh above almost named but cleverly didn't.

Now bear in mind that the boy-blogger is already BP and none of the girls are.

Right, so the instant Uber deleted her blog, Phishez jumped in and took her url/domain/whatever and started posting against Uber under Uber's banner but signing it Phishez.

Uber reacted by setting up a blog called Phishez Insanity Optional and the two girls have been trading blows ever since.

So where is the boy in all this? He sits back innocently and has done nothing at all in the matter, according to him. It's just women fighting over him.

Lord Nazh has a point that neither Uber nor Phishez nor the mystery woman stirring things up in the background [she's commented a few times on my site] are BP and are not in a position really to bring this to BP attention.

Uber says that this Phishez is asking to be admitted to BP under false pretences and therefore the BP membership should at least be aware what both the unnamed boy-blogger and this Phishez have been up to.

She's less concerned with the mystery woman in terms of BP because said woman has not applied although it's the mystery woman she's most down on in RL.

Phishez and the boy-blogger have both put their cases and there's a lot of extenuating info - a lot but it was in confidence.

So - nothing would have happened except that our boy-blogger suggested Phishez join BP, which she is now here for and he would like her admitted, saying that she has done nothing wrong except take someone else's blog and post from it.

Phishez hotly disputes that she "hijacked" Uber's blog, making the distinction that Uber had deleted it and that she only took it over to prevent Uber getting onto the web to spread more lies about the boy-blogger, her and the mystery woman.

She further points out that Uber has got round this by setting up a counter blog in Phishez's name "Phishez - Insanity Optional" and is counter attacking from there.

In terms of BP, the issue is not yet Uber because Uber is not applying for membership. This involves our boy-blogger [still unnamed]and Phishez only.

As far as I can understand it, that's what it's all about - the original admins know the story, Colin will know it later today and it was felt best to leave Phishez on the pending list for now, awaiting your decisions as the BP membership.

Of course, we can move this discussion now to our private mailing list and close down comments if you like but remember there are two anomalies with that.

Firstly, our boy blogger, as a member, is privy to that discussion and Phishez will therefore also know what we're saying plus the mystery woman but Uber won't know becasue they are in one camp and she's in the other.

They say she's being unreasonable but she alleges clear breach of trust - I have much of the info but it's not possible to publish it.

Secondly, many of our members haven't yet gone on to our mailing list and this is my fault for not pushing it harder during the holidays - I'll now start to do this.

For that reason we've left it public so far and as we have no "delete" policy on comments - here we all are and have a lovely Saturday.

Anonymous said...

What does having ** on the blogroll mean? I didn't have them yesterday!


This is lies. I never spread lies about boy blogger for one.Second my relationsip with him is none of Phish's business.THis is about being attacked on my blog by Phish's and then when in the heat of the moment I closed it she pounced on it to do damage control , exploiting my links by spreading malicious lies about me and taking another url that I was known as. MY pc was also hacked same time frame and my bookmarks with urls were wiped along with being locked out of my email account for 24 hrs.
I opened acc'ts in her and mystery womans name as encouragement for me to have my acocunt back and have not been publishing on it nor is it opened to the public. The mere fact that it was pounced on so quick to spread lies( when I have not been spreading lies about boy blogger who after this event ( last night) still wanted to continue our relationship .


I would also like to add this. After boy blogger( boy) called me last night and I paraphrased what was said by James he denies that he has any involvement with any other woman here except me. He also has stated all week that he did not understand why Phish's went after me as she did, and said he had asked her several times to remove the offending post, which he knows is lies( about me attacking her readers , spreading lies about her and the her). Boy was never concerned with me spreading lies but the truth, and he also showed genuine fear to me that if he supported me in this Phish's would turn on him. I assumed it was because she may know personal details he does not want known about his life, same reason he feared me, which is ridiculous. Phish's was written an email by him ( which I can provide) basically telling her she was mistaken when she thought I was discriting him to her ( we were fighting at the time and she may have assumed relationship was over) he told her to basically leave it but she attacked me in mails ( in retaliation to me telling her to butt out) and then on my blog when I felt there was a witchhunt going on. That is when she hijacked my blog( 2 of them).I don't see why nosy Phish's is concerning herself with others relationships and she must have a pretty weak case to LIE.Phish's is NOT a long term friend of boy - she knew him through mails one month prior to me.This all started because I gave her advice about not bearing her soul to him ( for reasons I will not get into but did tell boy) and she assumed I was discrediting him. Boy excuse in staying out of this is that he has no control over her, agreed privately that she should not have done what she did and has set up a blog for us to hash it out. I would like a BP member there.
As I was intending to join BP just prior to this and another time, I do feel that I should be involved in this.Due to a rush to judgement, Phish's would not back off when told by me and boy blogger and has created unnecessary upset for everyone, including him.
I am not questioning boy's role in BP but I am suggesting that Phish has behaved in ways that are contrary to the whole ethos of BP.YOu don't chase someeone out,attack them on their own blog, take over their blogs and then spread lies to discredit them and justify treatment.
No one is fighting over Boy.I have suggested ending it several times but he feels it is repairable between us.
Mystery woman is a new friend of Phish's who likes to stick her oar in too, especially if there is a chance to jump n an enemy( me)> She told me in a mail that she enjoys seeing people harrass me. That speaks for itself. I do question though if Boy has aligned himself and is also culpable in this ( he did link to Phish's filthy post) after initially changing link nto the new URL I set up when mine was taken over.
This whole thing could have been avoided if Phish's did not feel the need to interfere in other people's affairs. Given I am much closer to Boy, know him much better than her and she and I don't really know each other at all,I find it outrageous she would think she had a right to harrass me as she has done. As I told BOy, had he put his friend ( privately ) in her place from the beginning then this would have all been avoided.
Phish's clkaimed she received 8 abusive mails the day after she made a comment anyone would have laughed off..after receiving his letter and mine, she called me a psychopath and other such derogatory terms in a mail. I have not mailed her 8 times let alone 8 abusive letters.although, 2 were quite ticked off at her ruish to judgement and assumption that he somehow needed her help from ME when I am the one in a relationship with him and obviously have his better interests at heart than some silly inexoeriened email buddy on another continent.
I od suspect Boy is a bit of a bitch though and has bitched about me to her, which he vehemently denies( but I know him too well).
I would also like to know where this comes from that there are claims of him being involved with 2 women here as he feels that there is a miscommunication somewhere.

Sir James Robison said...

Ordo - the ** is a little thing Ian does on his own site but somehow it gets into other rolls too. I'll ask him to remove it when he returns.

Ian Appleby said...

Ordo, James, and others, the little stars appear next to a recently-updated blog on the blogroll; it's a facility offered by, which I took the liberty of activating way back when. It stopped working for many weeks, although Lord Nazh pointed out that there is a manual ping form which still worked. Anyway, it suddenly seems to be working again.

If it bothers the majority of us, then I or James can de-activate it, but it seems to me there is value in knowing when one of our number has posted. Still, I'm open to persuasion.

Sir James Robison said...

Well, isn't that interesting? Maybe we'll put it in our sidebar that new posts are up if you see a star.

Now Ian - delighted you're here but thought you were away.

Ian Appleby said...

You can't get rid of me that easily. For all I moan about the untrammelled expansion of consumerism in my adopted home town, it seems wireless broadband has made it here.

Of course, you all understand that I only brought my laptop to do fieldwork on, right?

Lord Nazh© said...

On my blogroll I made it say 'New!' when someone updates (and pings).

Some people use graphics, different words, stars, etc.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think some form of aggregator would be more convenient for this purpose.

Lord Nazh© said...

uber: I think if 'boy-BPer' comments are going to be aired here, they should come from him. If he wants to remain anonymous, then his comments can't be entered here from you as we won't know if he indeed said them. (no shot on you, but I'm trying to see how both sides would look at this)

Ian Appleby said...

Ordovicius, I agree that an aggregator would probably also work for this function, but they are not uncontroversial, and I don't know that they would be an easy replacement for the blogrolling code that the vast majority of us already carry.


Point taken Lord Nazh.As I am not a member and my other blog, The Ego,(also misappropriated) had only made it to the pending list of BP membership, I shall not comment here further. I think I have made my position known in any event. Thank you to all the BP members for allowing me to bring my grievances here, regarding my blog hijacking.

Lord Nazh© said...

Nothing to do with you being a member or not Uber, its the point of his comments not being spoken by HIM.

Sir James Robison said...

This matter has now gone on long enough. All have now spoken, with the entry of the Boy Blogger into it and so I can finally give my recommendations this evening. Many BPers have been asking what's going on and who these people are.

Anonymous said...

I admit it - it is as ever - all about me - it is something I gues I will just have to get used to!

I have invited everyone for a Port and Cream Cakes party to be followed by an orgy at the swimming pool... I bet this will work!

Anonymous said...

Ian, I agree that blogrolls are neede, but as for aggregators depriving people of unique visits, it is quite clear that an aggregator should not supply people with complete posts but rather just alert people that there is a new post. I'd recommend Aran Jones' BlogCymru as an example, which does this admirably, whereas I've noticed that Matt's aggregators -at least in the case of WelshPoliticalNews- tends to freeze for days (teething problems, no doubt).

Sir James Robison said...

OK - it's up as a post but I have to apologize that the response it gets I can't check until tomorrow morning as I'm for bed in the next five minutes - first day back at uni today and I'm kn--kered.

Matt Wardman said...

>whereas I've noticed that Matt's aggregators -at least in the case of WelshPoliticalNews- tends to freeze for days (teething problems, no doubt).

Correct. That is as I am running the updates by a ping which dies if my network dies! If I am away that can be for some time.

It should be a periodic job on my webserver, but I am not happy with the resilience yet.