Friday, July 20, 2007

Carnival of Cities July 30


I am currently hosting Carnival of Australia and managed to sneak in myself and Onyx Stone this time. Take a look. Last time Crushed By Ingsoc surprised with his knowledge of Australian History.

I also recently guest hosted a non political Scottish Blog Roundup
which featured Blogpower Members Richard Havers, myself and Lady McLeod.

Next up Carnival of Cities, which I am hosting on 30 July. If you are interested in submitting a blog article from your part of the world, you can send me the link by email or use the Carnival Submission Form. We cover the globe and no local issue is too mundane to be considered. Last time I hosted this in May, Ian Grey, James, Tom and Welshcakes graced the stage.

I need any submissions by next Sunday. Any questions, you can post on the Yahoo Site, leave a comment, or if you really want to be sure that I will read it,

Blog Carnivals can appear a bit canned, but they can be a way to publicise your blog, with virtually no effort on your part, especially if you have a relevant post. You are guaranteed at least one additional visitor (me) as I write up the post.

Thank you for your support.

Colin Campbell


lady macleod said...


Thank you for the kind mention in your Scottish Roundup. It is much appreciated.

I am still looking for a train for you.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

This is the comment I left at Nourishing Obscurity.

Read the opening objectives of BP.

You want to stand there and pull the rug up from a blog organisation that helped you?
If it didn't fulfill your ideological needs, then go!.


We are not a politically slanted organisation.

I want to be part of BP. I think we have a great, positive role to play.
One beyond the role envisaged at the start.

A much greater thing.
Most of you can see what I mean.

'You probably know I did the survey- you probably know which opinions were mine!
The discussion that is happening now, is the discussion we all came here for.
The way we are all dealing with it it is the best bit of it.
Without getting nasty.
None of us need to.
We all like and respect eachother, but want to show eachother the way we think.
And get some feedback.
So we can all move on and get the next level of discussion going.
To me, that's BLOGPOWER.

That's what I joined for.

We all came to talk.
Are we all selling that vision?
It's an amazing vision!

Open it up!

Every Voice Counts!'

I WILL FIGHT FOR THIS. What we are doing here is very important.

Lord Nazh and others, will you stay and talk?

Everybody else, do you want to be heard?

Let's make the most of this.
Talk between people.

22 July, 2007 00:51