Saturday, June 02, 2007

Working Post during Nominations Phase [2]

This post continues on from the old one [below at the end of the categories].

Blogpower Awards:

Vote Early and Vote Often!!

Known Issues

24] 18:02, Tuesday: It's 21:00 my time and I'm going to take a coffee break. I've been processing slightly faster than they've been coming in [about 43 - 45 an hour]. So, I'm closing off the e-mail for now but will come and get the last three hours of nominations after I've posted this lot and made it look pretty.

The last three hours' nominations will go in a special post, instead of on the individual category posts and therefore you'll have to do your own mathematics as to who's in or not. I'll confirm that tomorrow morning.

Big moves by key bloggers, as expected.

23] 15:32, Tuesday: Look at these two scenarios, concerning bloggers and their scores:

A We have A [12] B [10] C [7] D [7] E [6] F [6] G [6] H [5] --- I [4] J [4] K [4] L [4] M [3]

OK, I and J get another vote each, bringing them to [5] and all is sweet. There are your 10 for the poll. Now K and L also get another vote, putting them on [5]. That is like busting in Blackjack.

According to our rules, H, I, J, K and L all drop out because the total places are 10. That seems unfair on poor old H, who was in before but now finds himself out, solely because I, J and K gained more votes and still weren't ahead of H.

B The solution to this problem is to take notice of "prior claim". So we have, instead:

A [12] B [10] C [7] D [7] E [6] F [6] G [6] H [5] I [4] J [4] --- K [4] L [4] M [3]

Before you say that that's unfair on K and L - remember, they came to their 4 votes later than I and J. You see, the order in each Category below has been arranged chronologically from the start. The man on 4 votes below another, also on 4, he gained those votes later. Hence our motto: Vote early and vote often.

Variant B fills all 10 places in the poll but variant A cuts out from 1 to 5 bloggers. i think we should follow variant B, maximizing the number of bloggers in the final poll, although it's a little cruel. I'll now go through and put the cut-off bars differently and you'll see what I mean.

23] 13:38, Tuesday: This thing is not hotting up - it's feverish and if you're a politics lover, you'd love to be inside my e-mail server right now. It's classic. Deals all over the place and lots of fun. Right, so I've done the latest crop and will put them on in the next hour and I think I'll then just add them as they come in.

On the other hand, if there's a huge rush of nominations, I'll have to just put them to Word and post them as a separate post late evening. I'm a little tired now. Really happy to see the major bloggers now coming into it.

It's not appropriate here to speak personally but as my two dream categories have me reasonably placed, I'm starting to get the jitters. That's a matter for my own site.

22] 08:21, Tuesday: Frankly, I'll be glad when the nominations phase is over. The problem of single votes will only be such in a few categories. I'm working on the basis, [subject to your outcry], that single votes just won't qualify. If it means a vote between three people, so be it.

Because of day-job commitments, I'll only update the nominations once more after 16:00, London time and then will simply save last nominations to Word and post them unedited before 21:30 this evening.

The actual decision over who's in and who's not will be made with a clear head tomorrow morning. OK, people?

21] 19:01, Monday: The cutoff points for the nominated bloggers, i.e. who's going to be in and who's not, is explained in the first post.


Delicolor said...

For 19 and 20, when it gets down to votes, I think a short paraphrase is in order. Something like:

Waiting For Oblivion(hyperlink to posting)

-In which Charles explains how he came to accidentally get a pot bellied pig entangled in a petrol pump

james higham said...

This will take time and the Freepoll won't accept hyperlinked names.

Delicolor said...

shame. There is little inclination to check out all of the posts for some if it involves effort.

Delicolor said...

Two hours to go! Be ruthless... also look at the headers to make sure someone hasn't turned back time!