Saturday, June 02, 2007

Current issues


Just finished work and had a look around the polls and some very interesting moves in some categories. One category has three heavyweights neck and neck and I don't mind telling you it's interesting. I've stopped voting for any ot these as I want to see how it turns out. I've also stopped voting for myself for now, [though I hope you don't, of course]. OK, so now to business:

1] Let's now put a lid on the whole "skewing" business until it's all over. Please heed this. I made comments earlier today myself but no more. I regret them now.

2] Banner - feel free to take the banner and display it on your site. There's no decision yet but we're currently discussing possible banners for "finalist" and "winner" too.

3] A review will take place via e-mail on Thursday evening about the whole matter. Blogpowerers are suggesting that all results need to be validated by all participants. It's not a bad idea i.e. the option is given for participants to express their views.

I can tell you now that there will be no "harsh solutions", however this discussion goes. We have one or two excellent suggestions on how to defuse the situation so that all participants leave happy. And I mean ALL participants. We would like people to go away with a good taste in their mouths and thereby see how Blogpower operates.

09:33, London time, Saturday: There are always going to be allegations in these sorts of things and I'm not sure what to make of the latest ones communicated to me about certain people using multiple IP addresses to vote. Don't think there's much in this, to be honest.

Great to see some "sleepers" now starting to move in the polls.

If you want to know whom I'm voting for, apart from myself, it's all those in my blogroll, plus Chip and a few others.

21:50: The Thunderdragon's banner is now available and we'll offer them more formally later. I think the boys did a good job, don't you?

18:25, London time:

1] Is everyone aware of the voting system? You should be if you're in these polls and those who support you too.

2] As you'll quite possibly be receiving one of these things, you might like to give your opinion of our banner below, whether or not you're a Blogpowerer.

16:56, London time, Friday: More on the same. Interesting, huh?

The Blogpower Polls should conclude
Sunday evening, 19:00
Wednesday evening, 21:00
Later free polls
08:46, London time: In order to give us time to get the banners ready and the winners and placegetters organized, James suggests we close the voting on Sunday evening, instead of next Wednesday. Would you indicate your view on that in this poll above?

05:29, London time, Friday: There are two new issues.

1] Awards banners and awards ceremony. Time to think about this and The ThunderDragon and The Last Ditch seem to have this in hand. Hopefully, they'll post on this early next week, closer to the end of the awards. Also, Ian, at Shades of Grey, has produced the mock-up on the left. What do you think of it?

2] Undue influence. There are three allegations which have been made both by e-mail and in one comment on a post:

a] A particular British political group has hijacked and skewed the results by waging a concerted campaign to artificially boost its candidate's results in particular categories not, for example, in Category 17 where they don't have anyone.

Reply: Blogpower certainly believes so and has taken advice on the matter. The advice is substantially that there's nothing within the rules of the awards that we can do to stop them. We can only trust that people see through them.

b] Blogpower itself is directing people to vote Blogpower. James Higham, as their spokesman on this has been running editorials designed to get people to vote for Blogpower members.

Reply: We have certainly urged BP members to vote BP but nowhere do we ask people outside to do so. Yes - there have been BP editorials for BP members because this is our only "forum site". The other is a "profile site and RSS feed". We don't use linkable separate pages - members simply post on the 2 column main page for all to see. This has always been our way.

Perhaps for future awards, all BP comment could go to a separate page. Certainly for now, any "editorial" will go after the navigation post.

c] James Higham has artificially skewed results by getting people to vote for him.

Reply: I hereby offer $100 to any person who can show definitive documentary proof that Higham asked anyone to vote for him personally. I can also show documentary proof in the form of five e-mails I sent last evening that I wanted people NOT to vote for me but for other candidates instead. I also offered to withdraw from the Blogpower category on the grounds of "conflict of interest".

18:23, London time, Thursday: 19 and 20 are both up.

08:41, my time, Thursday
: People, it's not good enough, I know, but I've run out of time getting Categories 19 and 20 up but they'll just have to start this evening. The day job is from 10:00 to 20:00 on a Thursday and there's heaps I still haven't done.

Some have e-mailed me as to what the heck Blogpower is anyway. This post might help. Sorry, have to run now.

23:57, my time: Good night, sleep tight! Categories 19 and 20 will be dealt with tomorrow morning, sorry. Any suggestions how to do them?

18:23, London time: I know there are some hyperlinks missing. Can any of the admins do that in the meantime?


Delicolor said...

Sorry, can't help on the updating front. The admin panel only lets us modify our own posts, not yours.

Unity said...

Category 20 shouldn't present a problem, I count 9 nominated posts in total.

Depends on the time you have to put into it - a one sentence trailer for each nominee would be nice but if time doesn't allow then just put a please read before voting sign up and let folks get on with it.

pommygranate said...

Jesus man - are you sleeping??!!

mutleythedog said...

I am happy to take over administration of the voting ... should anybody wish me to? I can prepare the results now and expect some (well one) surprise winners. Wooooooof!

Seriously, well done Mr H - it all looks and works brilliantly! It is a superb enterprise and I hope you find it to be worth all the hard work.

I am providing signed topless photos of "The Girls of Mutleythedog" for all my voters. Now top that.

Lord Nazh said...

What problem are you having with 19 & 20? Is it that you can't include a hyperlink in the poll?

Just use the name of the blog and in the title of the poll tell people to come to the dtb site to check the post itself (and link from here)? would that work?

Ms Smack said...

I nominate MUTLEY to help with administration duties. He's fast, efficient and honest with amazing talents, in and out of the bedroom, so Hitch tells me.

Gracchi said...

James I think finally what this proves is that you are a great guy! As if we needed any proof...

The real thing about blogpower is that its just a collective of the obscure who thought that they should support each other.

Colin Campbell said...

Yes Go to Bed James. Let the thing run and get a life.

We all highly appreciate your work. What was that blog category that you are walking away with?

Delicolor said...

I've knocked up a nominee logo- you can find it at the Shades.

youdontknowme said...

You mean I am not allowed to go and ask people to vote for me? I know who you mean but the thing is I wasn't aware that I was breaking any rules.

Most of the time I have only asked them to vote for me if they think I deserve it so I don't see why it would be a big deal.

james higham said...

Why do you assume, Wayne, that you're being referred to? Actually, the name given to me in the e-mails was not yours but the organization behind that person has been mentioned many, many times. As said here - the allegation was that an organization is behind this business, not individuals asking friends to vote for them.

It was only mentioned at all in the Current Issues post because someone brought the matter up, as they did with 2b and 2c as well.

youdontknowme said...

ok sorry. thought people were talking about me.

youdontknowme said...

actually you are referring to me. I followed the link and its my blog that is being talked about.

james higham said...

I say the same thing again - any issue which is brought to my attention in regard to these awards is going to be mentioned. Just go through the comments on each category post and you'll see I'm anwering every issue.

I've already included allegations against me without revealing who made them.

If someone says Welshcakes or Jon Swift is a mad homicidal maniac, it goes in. If someone says Mother Theresa is acting inappropriately, it goes in.

These awards are open, Wayne. Transparency is something you, as a Blogpowerer , would surely agree with.

youdontknowme said...

I do agree with it but you said a few responses up that it wasn't me but it turns out it was me that was being referred to.

Lord Nazh said...

Trying to figure out why we have a problem with someone getting others to vote for them in a poll that is based on .... votes o.O

james higham said...

You've summed up the dilemma nicely, Lord Nazh and I'll run the reply as a new post now, if you don't mind. This one's getting too long so I'll place it at the end of the 20 categories.