Saturday, June 02, 2007

First issue to sort out

There has been somewhat of a negative groundwell, via e-mail, about one or two categories turning into a "bashing session" of bloggers who can't defend themselves.

These e-mails, I can categorically state, are coming from small bloggers.

I want no part of any sort of bashing session and so I'm telegraphing my moves now. In the post on Rationale, point 2 was "Not to take ourselves too seriously".

In the post on the Nominations Phase, it said that there will be a list kept of rejected spurious nominations and on what grounds. This list will be posted on Blogpower during the Voting Phase, under the header Nominations Rejected and Why, with comments on.

Though the above paragraph concerns self-nominations, nevertheless it's pretty clear that some bloggers have nominated two particular bloggers in two categories for the sole purpose of having a go at them. Blogpowerers would surely not wish the Awards to be used this way.

Therefore, unless a lot more blogs are nominated for Category 19, either that category will bite the dust or else the nominees will be rejected on the grounds of unfair play. Category 13 is also under scrutiny.

I would appreciate your comments below before making any major move.

Naturally I shall await your comments.


CityUnslicker said...

no one even wants to bash me, sniff.

james higham said...

Check the lists, CUS.

All comments now on "Working Blog" at the top.