Friday, June 01, 2007

Blogpower Awards - Final Categories

So, here we go. The idea is 20 categories, each with 10 nominations. Nice and mathematical and for you to peruse for 24 hours. Sorry for closing comments on old posts but things are moving along quickly and better to keep our comments with the current two posts just now.

1 Best Britblog or Column

2 Best North American Blog or Column

3 Best Blog or Column outside North America and the U.K.

4 Best Fisker

5 Best Ranter

6 Best Political Blog or Column

7 Best Blogpower Blog or Column

8 Best Layout and Style

9 Best Post of All Time

10 Best Little Blogger [i.e. under 100 uniques a day]

11 Most Articulate Wordsmith

12 Most Under-rated Blog or Column

13 Most Over-rated Blog or Column

14 Most Politically Incorrect Blog or Column

15 Most Sadly Missed or Whom We Feel Sorry For

16 Most Unintentionally Humorous post

17 Most Consistently Entertaining Blog or Column

18 Prettiest or Tastiest Blog or Column [refers to food or domestic bloggers]

19 Award for Shameless Self-Promotion

20 Award for Services to Blogging

Please click here to read the rationale for these categories and for the awards generally.


jmb said...

What's a Fisker, well apart from a car? In this context anyway?

Ruthie said...

Do we vote somehow?

Flavious said...


Here, read this wiki link. It sums it up quite nicely:

Mine will probably go for Mr.Devil, because he makes me chuckle so much when he fisks.

james higham said...

JMB - follow Flavius' link - it means to 'debunk'.

Ruthie, there are three phases:

Nominations of writers

We are near the end of the Categories phase and are moving into the Nominations from 21:00 this Saturday evening, London time.

Flavius - thanks.

james higham said...

Or should I have said 'Flavious'?

mutleythedog said...

I think I could be included in every category...

james higham said...

Mutley, nominations are by e-mail.