Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reason in the cold light of day

You know, I've been thinking last evening and at times through the night. Fabian, I think, was right and one word runs through my mind over and over: "bullying".

You can imagine, as an ex-Head, how I feel about bullying. To be accused of it makes one stop and think. And that makes me think of Chris Dillow and “managerialism”. I don’t think one person should be in charge or even two or three. A group, a committee, is a much better idea and the experienced manager will be listened to anyway. I want to step back from this "headmaster" thing. I'm only a fellow blogger and you're all equals or betters. A man can start to believe in his own publicity.

If Fabian had been part of the administrative committee, he could have said that one word: “bullying” and we’d have stopped and considered. This is not to say that Wayne could have got off scot free and continue what he was doing - I still think he was out of order on that and he reaped the whirlwind.

On the other hand, he's put his case well, I've been reading his blog and I can't see any problem, myself. I was looking at Wayne's photo on his blog and can't for the life of me see why he'd want to stay with a group who have been so down on him. And I admire that because I've been on the receiving end of group ire many times before and I just become bloody-minded about it each time.

Sad that Fabian had to go to bring reason back in and I take a large share of the blame for that. Let's persevere though. We'll probably lose others - this scheme was always on a hiding to nothing - and yet it's a good scheme and has helped many of us. Easy to threaten, to give ultimatums, to stand our ground. Much, much harder to make something work.

Central News has actually broken through and is the first Blogpowerer, [I may be wrong], included in Tim Worstall's Britblog Roundup, ahead of all of us. What a gesture on Tim's part. Well done, Wayne.

Morningstar was also in there. Well done there too but see the comments as to how this works.


youdontknowme said...

I only thought there was a bit of bullying on your part. Not to major.

I have found that it isn't most of the group that is down on me but you have said that I have been talking about blogpower in a way that doesn't include me. Well thats because some of the members have made me feel unwelcome over the littlest things.

Steve said...

Erm, so is Central News still in then?

I have been on the Worstall roundup a couple of times but not since I joined Blogpower.

Chicken Yoghurt has had a few mentions too.

youdontknowme said...

Yay for me!

james higham said...

Steve, that's up to the membership and you're part of that. What do you say?

Tim Worstall said...

Not sure I understand this really. What are you talking about "breaking through" for?
To get into the Britblog, you need to be nominated. I post those who are nominated (culling the obviously inane) and nominate a few myself.
It absolutely is not me choosing those I consider to be "the best". It is rather the reverse, my readers and others, bringing to my attention those things they think are good and which should be seen by others. Something I'm extremely grateful for actually, as it expands my own reading far beyond what I would discover myself.
No, I don't need to agree with the viewpoints put forward (I often don't) but if someone thinks highly enough of a post to send me an email about it, churlish of me not to tell everyone else, don't you think?
Nominate at britblog AT gmail DOT com.

Instead of it being a pointer to those who already have large audiences it is supposed to be people telling me and others about those we don't know about yet.

I wouldn't say that everyone who has been brought to my attention has thus made it into my feedreader, clearly not, but my life has been made richer by finding Twenty Major, Freeborn John and Christopher White (as examples) through it.
So get nominating: must be a post from either a native or resident of these isles.

james higham said...

Glad Tim came over and put us straight on that. So there it is, people. Nominate a really good post to Tim and you can only help that person get a little bunk up.

Personally, I think it's an excellent thing the more blogs we can get around and see.

MoragTheMindbender said...

I empathise with your uncomfortable feelings about the word 'bullying'. However (as someone who works with kids/schools/adults on bullying) I think it has become one of those words like 'racism' that gets bandied about a bit too freely. It seems that nowadays whenever someone is not winning an argument the cry becomes "I am being bullied" and then the other person feels guilty and backs off. Yes sometimes bullying is going on - but often it isn't. Just a thought........