Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's apparently started again

Norfolk Blogger has withdrawn and you can read why on his site. Same problem, same source, same taking the p--s. I seriously think we need to investigate Norfolk Blogger's reason and if it is factually correct, we may have to take a very unpleasant step [for the libertarians amongst us]. We are not just losing people one by one but we're losing good people plus our reputation is suffering badly. The administrators have tried everything to keep it all on an even keel but this is JUST NOT FUN. We'll report back to you.


Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

If this is true - which I beleive it is - then this libertarian will have no problem with Central News being removed. It is an attempted misuse of NIcholas' blog and it is going against the spirit of Blogpower.

I agree with you James - this just isn't fun anymore - and we have get to the fun aspect back again and restore our reputation.

Steve said...

Erm, help me out here.

Someone can go onto his blog and leave links to the BNP website in the comments regardless of whether he is a member of blogpower or not.

Resigning from Blogpower won't stop that happening.

If he's that bothered, why not just delete the comment and tell the offender to drop dead?

youdontknowme said...

I never left any link to the BNP. I linked to my site which blogger does automatically.

He is obviously trying to stir it up and he knew before joining that I was a BNPer because I haven't said anything about the BNP in more than a week and I don't link to the BNP so he would have never known.

ThunderDragon said...

If what Norfolk Blogger is saying is true, and I doubt that he would lie, then I am beginning to think that it has gone too far.

Whilst whether or not leaving Blogpower prevents any BNP member from commenting on anyone's blog, he obviously feels strongly enough about being associated with them at all to remove himself from this group.

This really is not fun anymore.

Tom Paine said...

It's in the nature of a blog that anyone can leave a comment. I spend a lot of time trying (unsuccessfully) to provoke political hostiles into leaving daft comments that I can fisk. If someone did what was alleged to me (my blog being the extension into cyberspace of my own living room) I would leave the post and delete the link. That (and the control of spam) is what comment moderation is for.

If it was just a link back to youdontknowme's blog, then I think this was an unfortunate over-reaction, but who am I to tell Norfolk Blogger what to do? It's his right to go and my right to regret it publicly..

Blogpower is just an informal club and the libertarian position is that we can do as we please, throwing people out by whatever rules we choose or indeed for any reason, good or bad. Personally, I don't see any reason to do that at present. It's not as if we are even supposed to have a common political stance. We are not a political group at all and member's politics are no more relevant here than at the local drama society.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

On that basis one could argue that there's a place for Islamic J**ad, H*mas, F*tah or H*zbollah to join.

However, no time for silly politics at the moment. I have a Trek to look forward to.

james higham said...

Next morning now and yes, it seems to come down to an easily verifiable thing.

Did ydkm backlink to the BNP direct or was it only to his site? Unfortunately, NB isn't saying but until this can be established, it's, as Tom said, just unfortunate. If, however, as NB claims, it was a direct link to the BNP, then that is using Blogpower for political ends and using a fellow member as a platform for it, using a site which he wouldn't hve known of except that the chap joined us. It's also taking the p--s out of Blogpower.

You can understand then, that it comes down to where the link actually went. Ydkm says above here it was only to his site. Let's find out.


james higham said...

UPDATE: Just received from NB the text and link but must go to work now. First impressions - it's not clearcut [again] but will ask the other guys again later today and see what they say.

youdontknowme said...

I remember doing sending a particular link but it wasn't directed at norfolk blogger it was directed at a guy who suddenly changed the subject when I commented and said something about the BNP and violence. I then directed him to a link that showed the crimes committed by lib dems (and other members of other parties) which was a link to a BNP article. If I had known where else to get that article I would have linked there but as far as I know it is only shown on the BNP site.

You and I both know that this was a set up. I mean my first comment on there and then someone else mentions the BNP for no reason. I had to respond and everyone here knows it.

If I didn't respond I would be accused of not encouraging debate which apparently people like in blogpower.