Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stand alone posts by various bloggers on this issue

These posts on Blogpower also have comments attached, of course ... hover over the link to see the author ...

Weblog awards – the unfairness of it all

How to upload the banner

Blogpower [1]

Blogpower [2]

It’s the same every year

Standing up for the little blog

Blogpower [3]

Ickle bloggers united

Little blog power

Blogpower [4]

Small but perfectly formed

Blogpower and the end of futurism

Newish! Feel the blogpower

New! Defending the blog

If you’ve posted or uploaded the banner and you’re not here – please let us know either by comment below or by e-mail to one of us!


The Tin Drummer said...

It's a great thing and it's made a difference to my traffic - from the medieval to the merely Victorian levels of transport passing through my inn.

Ian said...

Hats off to you, James. The banner's now up at mine as well, and a more substantive post on my thoughts about the whole thing will follow, ah, in due course... Hang on, what's that in the small print? 10 posts a week? Blimey.

Ian said...

Initial thoughts now posted.

The Morningstar said...

Posted, linked and blogroll added

Andy said...

I've added in the badge and it appears alongside every entry on my blog now. Great idea!

james higham said...

Will do the admin for all this tomorrow morning, people - Tuesday. And thank you.