Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Of interviews and testimonials

Very excited about Tin Drummer's interview and while we shouldn't perhaps get ahead of ourselves, it seems to augur well. I've just been round our blogroll's blogs and it's a pretty varied bunch - left, right, pagan, Christian, male, female, fairly British still [would like a few more Canadians, Americans, Aussies, Kiwis and so on].

I have an idea. Yes, truly. I think we should maybe choose ten bloggers we really like and write something on them. A paragraph. Then they can use that as a testimonial, like Iain Dale has his header crammed with [we're forever emulating Iain because he was the pioneer in a lot of things].

Of course, some blogs will miss out on anyone writing anything on them but that would be my job to check out later and perhaps nudge a few people in that direction. This is truly a mutual support thing, bloggers. We have to give all of us the maximum chance possible and then it's up to the quality of the blog to sustain itself.


Steve said...

James, thanks for putting me on the blogroll.

I will get the blogroll and the icon set up at Pub Philosopher as soon as I've got time to work out how to do it!

CityUnslicker said...

very slow at work today so>>

James Higham
"Nourishing Obscurity is a blog not to be missed. Not only is it wide-ranging and ill-informed it is one the best looking and regularly updated blogs around."

"Visually and textually powerful, Ellee has a blog which is one of the most admired in the UK. If you want an introdction to how blogging should be done, read Ellee."

"Bel's crisp posts and critical thinking are key to developing some of the best centre right debates available on the web."

Westminster Wisdom
"A true rarity in the world of blogging; an intellectual seeking to educate his audience in in both history, politicsand the arts. All in a risque garish pink canvass."

"Up-to-date and thougtful. Notsassure produces a diverse blog across many different subjects. Witty and composed a recommended daily read."

Sicily Scene
"A breath of fresh air to the UK blogging scene. Welshcakes Limoncello reports from abroad with a peripatetic trip through her experiences in Sicily. Must try those recipes one day too..."

The Tin Drummer
"A source of insightful commment, the thoughts contained within are a great help in developing your pub debates."

Imangined Community
"A discursive stroll through current events both real and imagined. Both succint and incisive with its political commentary."

Corporate Presenter
"Jeremy hosts a great site that usefully gives out his hard learned tips on public presentation. His comments and humour are top-qaulity too."

The Thunder Dragon
"Right-Wing blogging from a UK student. A fresh perspective on a plethora of events with a healthy interest in shelf-stacking to boot."

ThunderDragon said...

I consider shelf-stacking a rather UNhealthy interest myself. But that could be just because I have to do it!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, James. Yes, will do it soon. Great idea. and thank you, cityunslicker.

Gracchi said...

Here is my list.

Nourishing Obscurity: James maintains one of the most varied and good humoured blogs on the internet- its good fun, good value for a perusal every day and has very varied interesting content. He is also a master of blogger ettiquete.

CityUnslicker: This blog puts together in innovative ways political stories- its the kind of blog which makes you look at the news again, notice stories you should have noticed before, and realise that all is not as it seems.

Ellee Seymour- Ellee is full of good sense and good thinking. She writes well and has a good sense of how an argument works and develops.

Imagined Community: A very interesting blog which really gets into the grit of how people think about politics- he knows his stuff.

NotSaussure writes intelligently and highlights bits of the news I'd not read- always he is interesting and comes from leftfield if not from the left.

Andrew Allison is always succinct and to the point. A conservative, he writes often against the more insane ideas from the present Government- I don't always agree with him- but he is worth a read.

One of the more depressing aspects of blogging and the modern world is seeing reams of text on a page. The Thunder Dragon's mixture of politics and fun posts, with good illustrations and quickly made points makes his blog an accessible and fun place to discuss and think about politics.

I know I need another two but I've run out of inspiration- I'll come back and do two more soon when I've got some more inspiration- hope those eight were fine. I'm enjoying finding more blogs at the moment.

james higham said...

Ach, losh, mun, I was in the process of putting mine together and you beat me to it. Well done! I'm doing them in groups of 10.