Friday, December 15, 2006

[blogpower] codes for sidebars

At the beginning of the code, you need to type a left pointing arrow just before the word script . At the end you need a left pointing arrow, then a slash, then the word script, then a right pointing arrow. The reason they don't appear below [the reason I had to take them out] is that they make the code disappear in this post when in position. If this confuses you, go to the post on [blogrolling] three issues, go to the comments and look for Ian's comment.

This is Ian’s code for the blogroll:
script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="">


ThunderDragon said...

if you put the full code inside < textarea > tags, it can be displayed in the sidebar.

For an example, look at the bottom of the right sidebar on my blog.

The Morningstar said...

I use this site to convert html so it will display. Put in the code you want and it will give you the code to copy and paste into your site so your html displays properly.

james higham said...

Very useful info and thanks.